Hey everyone, I’ve been pretty busy lately. So I did not have the time to write something here. And besides that, my new laptop is crap. Since my Mac was stolen (by an ugly koala) I was forced to use my old Packard Bell crap and Windows as OS. I think I’ll pay good old Steve a visit to get me one of those new “air thingies”.

Well, I’m off! Take care and stay cool!

Stupid lighters

As you know, I’m still in the States helping my buddy Barak. You might have heard that Hillary is trying to turn the tide. So I had a tremendous plan to put this to a hold. I tried to detonate a bomb during one of her speeches. All went well, until I noticed I forgot my f*cking lighter. Goddammit! And I could have had them both, cause her little doggy was there too.

Ah, better next time. At least I got on TV!

Me @ CNN

A blog? Yes we can!

Well this is my first blog post. More is due to follow soon once I have a bit more time. Cause for now I’m here in the States, kicking it with my buddy Barak. I’m helping him win the elections. He promised that if he becomes president he will exterminate all koalas and donate Australia to me. So we will prevail! And you will crumble and burn Hillary!!! You too koalas!!

Here are a few photos. I’ll keep you posted.

Me and Barak in Texas

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